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Originally built as Morgan Studio 4 in 1974, the studio saw many legends pass through its doors, such as Lou Reed and Cat Stevens. 2001 saw the renovations of the studio by Munro Acoustics for Steve Lipson, in order to cater for the likes of Annie Lennox and the Pet Shop Boys. Now in 2016 it's been fitted to embrace the future at the world class level, catering equally well to both established and forthcoming artists. A full spec sheet is available here

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The studio boasts a wooden floored 56sqm live room, featuring a flexible configuration of acoustic options, most noticeably utilising the full height stone wall at one end, and tight drum treatment at the other, allowing for everything from larger than life drums, through small orchestras, to tight and intimate vocals.


When it comes to instruments, the space is home to both a complete Hammond B3 with Leslie, and a Wurlitzer, as well as a Mapex Birch kit. Pianos, guitars, and amps can be brought in as needed upon request. The building also contains a shared kitchen and large decking area with BBQ for the summer, and a wood burning stove for the winter.


14 Chaplin Road





Tel: +44 7871549144



56sqm live room, with a beautiful sonic footprint, giving everything from big drums to intimate vocals

Unique "Turn Up And Mix" service: No Rendering! No file transfers! Just bring your laptop and plug in

The UK's only Neve 88D giving the ultimate digital mix environment, with 500 paths of processing

The Neve 88D features 500 paths of processing and 672I/O, and can be configured entirely for the client's workflow

The main multitrack is a Cubase-equipped PC, with 168I/O and a large plugin library. ProTools systems are available on request

For those who like it old school, Studer and Ampex 1/2 and 1/4" machines are available, as well as 2" Otari MTR-90s.

Outboard currently includes Lexicon, Bricasti, Tube-Tech, GML, SSL, API, Neve,  Elysia, Thermonic Culture and more...

Dynaudio M4s provide the main monitoring in the control room, alongside Genelec 1031As in a 5.1 surround configuartion

The studio also features a collection of synths including Dave Smith, Teenage Engineering, Nord and Access Music


We are located within easy walking distance of Dollis Hill Tube Station, and a short distance from the North Circular

Rates are available on request.

All sessions include an engineer

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